Keynote talks

We are proud to announce our invited speakers: (acknowledgement)

Daria Sorokina

Daria Sorokina

Recruiters, Job Seekers and Spammers: Innovations in Job Search at LinkedIn

In this talk I will share insights about how LinkedIn responds to the needs of two groups of users - recruiters and job seekers, while making life more difficult for a third group - search engine optimization (SEO) spammers.

When recruiters search for good candidates, they are primarily interested in candidates whose profiles match the descriptions of a particular job posting. However, a simple textual match with the job requirements is often not enough. We will discuss other signals that can help recruiters to achieve their goals along with the ways we combine the signals from multiple models.

Professional search at LinkedIn is highly personalized. Regardless of what they enter into the search box, job seekers prefer to find job postings whose requirements match their skills and generally are more interested in opportunities near where they currently live. This personalization makes standard crowdsourced labeling of the training data complicated - it is hard for a random labeler to imagine which job ad a particular user would find relevant. As a result, our job search models have to rely primarily on signals from user activity.

Being ranked high in the results for common queries on LinkedIn search can bring new clients, business connections, or job offers. As as a result, some users create profiles stuffed with keywords, fake entries and other junk information in order to raise their search ranking. While we can not share specific details on how we identify such users, I will present the general machine learning framework along with examples of difficult cases and unusual spammer techniques we have encountered.

Daria Sorokina is Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, who enjoys working with large complex data sets. For the last few years she has been specializing in search, before that she worked on a variety of machine learning applications in different domains. Daria is the author of Additive Groves, the best off-the-shelf machine learning algorithm for a variety of tasks.

Nick Belkin

Nick Belkin

What do we know about how to know about the information needs and behaviors of user groups?

Nicholas J. Belkin is a professor at School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at Rutgers University. Among the main themes of his research are digital libraries; information-seeking behaviors; and interaction between humans and information retrieval systems. Belkin is best know for his work on human-centered Information Retrieval and the hypothesis of Anomalous State of Knowledge (ASK).


We thank the organizers of the Workshop on Group Membership and Search (Ingmar Weber, Djoerd Hiemstra, Pavel Serdyukov)  for the arrangements they made for our two distinguished invited speakers