Call For Papers
The organisers invite you to submit academic research (6-8 pages), industry experience (2-4 pages), or position papers (2-4 pages).

Submissions may describe completed work, work in progress, or the author's position on one or more of the workshop topics. Submissions based on previously published work are permitted. Submitted work will be peer-reviewed by the program committee, and acceptance will be based on the submission's relevance to the workshop and the novelty and impact of the ideas and results presented. The authors of accepted work will be invited to present their ideas by giving short talks or in a poster session.


Papers are invited for the following topics:

  • Interactive Information Access
  • Exploratory search
  • Long-session or multi-session search
  • Integrating search tools and UIs
  • Associating, pipelining, synchronising search results
  • Federated search, aggregated search
  • Integrated Systems for Richer Searching Experience
  • Query suggestion
  • Cognitive aspects of search behaviour
  • Task-oriented evaluation
  • Multimodal search
  • Large-scale information retrieval experiments
  • Parallel and distributed IR
  • Integration standards
  • Prototypical use-cases / Search workflows
  • Unmet needs
  • Deployed systems
  • Information life-cycles
  • Data quality issues